Chatsworth fireplace store is a established family company friendly and approachable we offer the most comprehensive range of quality cast iron firebacks, Firebaskets, swansnest baskets, firedogs and reeded panels together with superb quality British made steel fire baskets and blacksmith produced firedogs.

New products we are now supplying .

StoveBright High-Temperature Paint

Stovebright High Temperature Paint

StoveBright High-Temperature Paint for Woodburning stoves

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These products sit on the top of your Woodburning stove and assist in distributing the stove heat without using mains or battery power .Improving warm air circulation results in greater comfort and less consumption .

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Stove Glass

Stove Glass

We are a major supplier of replacement Stove Glass offer a bespoke service ,We supply Schott Robax Pannelled glass is cut from 4 mm Ceramic.

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